Steve Dorfman

Steve DorfmanAbout Steve Dorfman,
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Since 2006, clients have come to Steve for customer service strategy, and to motivate, educate, engage, and develop frontline staff with interactive trainings and continuous development programs that result in:

• “Employee-owned” remarkable customer experiences;
• Consistent referral business, and;
• Repeat customer loyalty

All of this all naturally translates into a strengthened culture and increased profits.

Before founding Driven to Excel, Inc., Steve spent 11 years as a Sales Consultant for a luxury automaker. Yes, the car business … not exactly a business with a reputation for its impeccable customer service. So when Steve entered the business at 23 he was determined to make a positive difference by creating remarkable experiences for his clients – His unwavering commitment to impeccable service earned Steve “Salesman of the Year” 7 years in a row, all-the-while maintaining a CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) rating in the top 1% nationally. He worked by appointment only as his repeat and referral business ultimately grew to account for 70% of his sales.

Before the car business, Steve spent 8 rapid-growth years in the hospitality industry, where his commitment to remarkable service was founded. Today, Steve Dorfman hosts the We Mean Business! TV show and has conducted more than 90 interviews with top executives, thought leaders and bestselling authors.



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