“Beyond Referrals” (Bill Cates)

Bill Cates: “Beyond Referrals: How to Use the Perpetual Revenue System to Convert Referrals into High-Value Clients”

Bill Cates has authored 5 books and he is THE Referral Coach. Spend less than 30 minutes with us and you’ll be on your way to creating your own “Perpetual Revenue System.”

Here’s what Mr. Cates covered for us:

  1. When you were fresh out of college, you had a memorable work experience that sparked an awareness of this whole referral thing…
  2. I imagine some of our viewers are of the mindset, “If I deliver great service and my clients love me, then naturally they’ll want to recommend me, right?”
    How would you address this notion?
  3. This is not your first book on referrals – what is the BEYOND part, in Beyond Referrals?
  4. Are most people simply not asking for referrals? …why is that?
  5. Let’s say someone has just started a new job in sales. How much time should they expect it to take before a considerable amount of their business is coming from referrals?
  6. I recommend NPS – (Net Promoter Score) as a customer loyalty measurement tool to my clients and I’ve even interviewed Satmetrix’s CEO on this show. You say that measuring NPS is worthwhile, but that most companies are missing an opportunity for referrals…
  7. What should we do when a client says, “Yeah, just give Jim a call and tell him you got his number from me.”
  8. What are a few of the steps required to becoming more referable?
  9. You talk about the power of attending events with your clients…
  10. What is “Word of Internet” and how should we be leveraging it?
  11. You say, “The right introduction can make or break the referral process, and so we can’t leave it to chance.”
  12. A growing number of people are turning to online reviews. In your opinion, how powerful are review sites like Yelp, Google reviews, Angie’s list, and the like?
  13.  You say (and I agree!) that it’s important to keep the referral source in the loop…
  14.  When it comes time to reach out to a referral, what’s better, e-mail or phone?
  15.  You have a quick tip for getting referrals to open your e-mails…

“Proven ‘Organic’ Business Growth: Cracking the Code on Word-of-Mouth Advertising” (Brett Hess)

“Proven ‘Organic’ Business Growth: Cracking the Code on Word-of-Mouth Advertising” (original air dates – 9/14/09 & 9/16/09)

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