“The Power of Transparent Marketing and the Myth of ‘Secret Sauce’ ” (Marcus Sheridan)

The Power of Transparent Marketing and the Myth of ‘Secret Sauce’

Marcus Sheridan, founder of The Sales Lion is one of the Internet’s most well-known bloggers. He started his swimming pool company in 2001 and has grown it into one of the largest of its kind in the world, due to his super-smart inbound marketing efforts and incredibly popular swimming pool blog.
Buckle your seat belt for this fun, informative and charismatic interview.


Our questions for Marcus:

  1. Give us a quick definition of inbound marketing
  2. It seems there are different categories of bloggers – how do you see this?
  3. “Thinking like a consumer?”
  4. What can you share with us about the role of Thought Leadership?
  5. “Secret sauce?”
  6. Abundance vs Scarcity?
  7. You say, “You’ve gotta have opinions…”
  8. What is a “Trust Agent?”
  9. You say, “Great content is always going to be relevant.”
  10. You say we should “publish our prices” – Does this apply to everyone?
  11. Where do personal brand and business brand merge, if so?
  12. Looking at the difference of INBOUND MARKETING, expand on the vast mindset differences.
  13. I’ve followed Mike Volpe and his podcast for some time.  How do you see the general publics opinion of online learning and such topics that Hubspot covers.
  14. What is your role at Hubspot?  Are you similar to affiliate?
  15. Do we all want to know the back story??  Giving credence to your “transparent marketing” idea..
  16. I love your post about ROI of blogging.  I feel like most that disagree or don’t “see the light” haven’t even started the process.
  17. Similar to Social Media, they already assume the time invested won’t be worth it??
  18. Explain Secret Sauce, does everyone keep themselves satisfied by always thinking they need to know something else before they can “ship” as Seth Godin says?
  19. What are biggest challenges facing small biz owners moving ahead to 2013 and beyond?


“How Approachable are You and Your Company?” (Scott Ginsberg)

“How Approachable are You and Your Company?” (original air dates – 11/16/09 & 11/18/09)

Do you have ‘enough’ business? If not, have you ever looked at how “approachable” you and your business really are? This is a very big question, so we brought in the expert to help us answer it. In this eye-opening interview, Scott Ginsberg of HelloMyNameIsScott.com shares his insight into the real significance behind approachability.