“Customer-Centric Selling” (Eric Abramson)

“Customer-Centric Selling” (original air dates – 8/17/09 & 8/19/09)
Eric Abramson of the Byers Group demonstrates how putting the customer first in all your business thoughts and plans can literally transform the perception of your company. Whether B2B, retail or service, your customers/clients/guests will naturally be attracted to your offerings and return again and again. Taking clues from major retailers known for outstanding customer service such as Apple and Nordstrom, watch as Eric walks us through 3 specific steps you can implement TODAY that make for positive change and impact!

“The Power of Effective Copywriting” (Adam Katzen)

“The Power of Effective Copywriting: And it’s NOT the C in a circle ©” (original air dates – 8/10/09 & 8/12/09)
Your hosts kick off season #1 with an oustanding interview with Adam Katzen, an expert Copywriter and Marketer. Listen in as Adam takes us through the importance of copywriting (one of the most overlooked skills and misunderstood strategies) and why you and your company need to think about it — and act on it — today!