“The Impact of Being a CEO Without Awareness … and What to Do About It” (Ingar Grev)

Ingar Grev: The Impact of Being a CEO Without Awareness … and What to Do About It
With nearly 50,000 Twitter followers, Ingar Grev is:
• National writer for the Business Journals
• Served 7 years with the U.S. Navy
• Owner of The Growth Coach, DC

Here’s what Mr. Grev covered for us:

  1. You spent many years in the U.S. Navy – what can business leaders learn from military leaders?
  2. How can a business owner set themselves up to have a company that runs without them having to be there?
  3. You say that too many business owners have trouble making decisions…
  4. You shared a lesson on business growth as a result of a recent experience you had with your home security company…
  5. What are some of the warning signs that might alert a CEO that he/she lacks awareness?
  6. You say that, “They think they can strategize because they have the title of CEO…”
  7. What can you do about a CEO who REALLY needs a coach … but doesn’t see it for his/herself?
  8. How can a CEO know that they’re ready to handle growth?
  9. We hear a lot about accountability. How can we be more effective at holding others (and ourselves) more accountable?
  10.  You published a recent article on handling insubordination and dysfunctional teams…
  11. You have some thoughts on HOURS worked vs. VALUE of contribution from employees…
  12.  How involved should the CEO be in managing customer relationships?
  13.  One of your Business Journal articles a few years ago was titled, “It’s not about you when it comes to your business…”

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