“The Mindful Leader” (Lowell Nerenberg)

Lowell Nerenberg: “The Mindful Leader

Did you know that we’re all effectively running on “autopilot” … the majority of the time? What is mindfulness and how can it benefit our business and our life? Find out in this thought-provoking interview with Coach Lowell:

Here’s what Coach Lowell covered for us:

  1. Who was it that brought this practice of mindfulness to the world, and how is it different from meditation?
  2. Why do you think this practice has gotten so much recent attention?
  3. I imagine this takes great patience and great practice. Where might one begin?
  4. Many business leaders & entrepreneurs are afflicted with ADHD. Can someone with ADHD build this muscle of mindfulness?
  5. Do you know of any famous business leaders already practicing mindfulness?
  6. When we’re not being mindful, are we just operating on autopilot?
  7. We have a 1-year-old at home and experienced parents are all telling us how the time just flies by; that the “days are long and the years are short” – have we cracked the code on slowing down time … by being mindful?
  8. Does mindfulness make us more effective, or does it slow us down; all of this noticing?
  9. I’ve read that mindfulness can increase memory and creativity?
  10. How can a mindful leader best work with a mindless employee?
  11. I imagine this is the thing that many salespeople are lacking. Many seem to be running on autopilot, not really noticing the body language of the buyer, not really listening, and not ever connecting with that other person…
  12. I’ve read that mindfulness makes one less judgmental of others…
  13. Has technology made us less mindful? Is it a bad thing?
  14. You once led a $13MM Inc500 company. What did you know about mindfulness at the time?
  15. How does one create a mindful culture in their organization?
  16. What the one thing you hope our viewers will get out of today’s interview?


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