“Sharpen Your Speakability” (Jan Fox)

Jan Fox: “Sharpen Your Speakability

After a rewarding thirty years in television and earning four Emmy awards along the way, Jan has switched her focus to national speaking and coaching. She mentors business leaders, teams and entrepreneurs from around the country to help them “tweak their speaking” just a bit to get audiences on their feet.

Here’s what Jan covered for us:

  1. You say the #1 way to grow your business IS public speaking…
  2. Jerry Seinfeld jokes that we fear speaking more than death, which means the person giving the eulogy, would rather be in the box…
  3. Billy Joel’s ex-wife said to Oprah: “Nervousness is selfish energy.” True?
  4.  You tend to always include stories when you present – How important is it to include stories?
  5. You say, “You can’t SELL, if you can’t SPEAK…”
  6. What can people do to relax before a speech?
  7. What are the mistakes that even the pros tend to make?
  8. Talk to us about the power of micro actions, or as you like to call them, SPEAK TWEAKS…
  9. What’s your “why?” Why do you do what you do?
  10. Why do so many people hide behind a podium and how is affecting their impact on an audience?
  11. You say what you give your audience, they give you back
  12. How can you best initiate a relationship with your audience, that will last beyond the talk?
  13. What about PowerPoint dos and don’ts?

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