“Same Side Selling” (Ian Altman and Jack Quarles)

Ian Altman & Jack Quarles: “Same Side Selling: A Radical Approach to Break Through Sales Barriers

The most widely used metaphors in sales are those related to sports, battle, or games. The challenge with this mindset is it requires that one person wins, and the other loses. Instead of falling victim to a win-lose approach, what if you shared a common goal with your potential client? How might things change if the client felt that you were more committed to their success than making the sale? These ideas and more are discussed on the show…

Here’s what Ian & Jack covered for us:

  1. There are lots of books on procurement (or buying) and there are lots more on selling … but bringing the 2 together in one book is very unique. How did this come to be?
  2. You spent years in procurement, Jack. What were the top mistakes being made by salespeople that just turned you off?
  3. How could they have done a better job of earning your trust?
  4. You two say you’re out to replace the metaphor of selling as a game and replace it with: “Selling is a puzzle.” – talk to us about what you call F.I.T.
  5. Let’s say I’m a salesperson who’s practicing what you preach in the book. How do I best demonstrate my honorable intentions with the buyer?
  6. How long should a salesperson allow to build a relationship of trust?
  7. You say that we should let buyers qualify themselves?
  8. Talk to us about ENTICE, DISARM, DISCOVER.
  9. What pitfalls should salespeople avoid when it comes to their diagnostic processes?
  10. How can sellers adopt the mindset of SOLVING, replacing the all-to-common mindset of CONVINCING?
  11. When is asking about budget a good idea … and when is it a bad idea?
  12. One of the biggest messages here is SELL VALUE, NOT PRICE…
  13. What would signal a salesperson that they’ve crossed over the “trust threshold?”
  14. Chapter 2 is dedicated to answering this question: How can a salesperson be unique?

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