“An Entrepreneur’s Journey” (Anne Loehr)

Anne Loehr: An Entrepreneur’s Journey”

Anne Loehr is an Expert in Preparing Leaders for the Workplace of the Future and Co-Author of 2 great books: “A Manager’s Guide to Coaching,” and “Managing the Unmanageable”

Here’s what Anne addressed:

  1. You say that you’ve always known you were going to run your own businesses…
  2. Your higher education path took a detour or two…
  3. When you were 25, you took on the task of turning around a hotel in Kenya?
  4. Tell us about the leadership training – or lack thereof – you received in Nairobi.
  5. On the topic of leadership, will you help our viewers understand the key differences between managing and leading?
  6. How does the business culture in Africa differ from that of the United States?
  7. You say, “When you sell your company, you lose your identity.”
  8. Then came your safari company?
  9. In 2001, you decided to become a “Business Development Coach.” What challenges did you encounter at a time when “coaching” was not yet a business term?
  10. What was your catalyst for authoring books?
  11. What advice do you have for wanna-be authors?
  12. You focus a lot on trends. Why should we all be paying attention?

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