“Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: Connect with Customers and Get Results” (Colleen Stanley)

Colleen Stanley: “Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: Connect with Customers and Get Results

Here’s what Colleen covered for us:

  1.  Emotional Intelligence is a fairly new term. Can you help us understand what it is and why it matters?
  2. Talk a little bit about the awareness of “How we’re showing up; First Impressions.”
  3. “Connect with Customers” is in the subtitle. Is this a must of relationship selling?
  4. You talk about the importance of likeability. Is this one of the biggest components of selling?
  5. Tips on becoming more likeable?
  6. In a recent video blog, you covered the importance of testing for assertiveness (and how to actually do this) when interviewing for sales positions…
  7. What’s another favorite interview question of yours?
  8. You refer to drive-by relationships. Is this a trend that has grown in recent years?
  9. Some of our viewers may be of the belief, “Look, at the end of the day, every customer is price-driven.” What can you share on this?
  10. What is a “Sales Marshmallow Grabber?”
  11. What other common pitfalls can/should salespeople avoid?
  12. Dan Pink shared with us that it’s the ambiverts that make the best salespeople. Your thoughts on this?

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