“Networking is Not Working” (Derek Coburn)

Derek Coburn: “Networking is Not Working”

Here’s what Derek addressed:

  1. Is it safe to assume you and your wife Melanie created cadre because … networking was not working?
  2. What are the biggest misconceptions people seem to have re: networking?
  3. You offer up the Seth Godin quote: “The value of your connections is worth more than the value of your services or widgets.”
  4. Who is networking FOR?
  5. What’s the best way to FOSTER these business relationships?
  6. What should people know about their follow-up efforts; system for follow-up?
  7. I find that very few people are hardwired to be CONNECTORS. Do you find this to be true? Does this require a paradigm shift for some?
  8. How much TIME should we be devoting to networking?
  9. Our mutual friend (and previous guest of the show) Ian Altman says, “Don’t tell people what you do, tell them what problems you solve.” You write about this…
  10. According to Bain & Co., your “raving fans” are responsible for 80-90% of your referral business. Have you found this to be true and how (specifically) can we create more raving fans from our networking efforts?
  11. When it comes to networking groups, does size matter?
  12. And what about simply HOSTING events? Do you recommend this?
  13. You talk about leveraging social media. What are some of the dos and don’ts?
  14. You recommend a handful of technology/online tools – can you name a few of your favorites?

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