“Conscious Leadership: How to Get Out of Your Own Way” (Alison Whitmire)

Alison Whitmire, CEO Coach at C-Lever

Here’s what we asked Alison:

  1. You’ve been coaching CEOs for more than 10 years now. When we use the term “conscious leadership,” what does that mean to you?
  2. Can you help us understand the difference between UNconscious and SUBconscious?
  3. You talk about “Engaging your observer self…”
  4. Does the unconscious help to get us what we WANT … or does it more often get in the way?
  5. Are we led by our unconscious mind?
  6. How can someone know if they’re being led by their unconscious?
  7. You talk about unconscious patterns…
  8. You help people “create more choices for themselves.” How do you mean?
  9. It seems you bring a unique perspective to the world of coaching. Can you share one of your success stories?
  10. You talk about “the unconscious in action”…
  11. We hear the term “be present” quite often. Is this the same as “being conscious?” And if so, how do we do that?
  12. What are your feelings on 360-degree reviews?
  13. In your TED Talk, you mention the “4 Ds” in receiving feedback…”
  14. What attributes must every great leader possess?
  15. On Linkedin, you say, “The #1 thing you should know about me: I ask a lot of questions. That’s how I get you to stretch your thinking. My job is to ask BETTER, SMARTER, TOUGHER questions – the types of questions that you haven’t thought to ask yourself, that CHALLENGE you to look beyond the obvious, that require courageous answers that reveal the unexpected.”
  16. Does every CEO need a coach?
  17. Tell us about your involvement with TEDx.
  18. In you TEDx talk, you mention, “Getting feedback on blindspots?”

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