“I Didn’t Sign Up for This: Dealing with Difficult People” (Sandra Crowe)

Sandra Crowe of Pivotal Points Training & Consulting, shares valuable content, best practices and strategies from her two books, I Didn’t Sign Up for This and Since Strangling Isn’t an Option.

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Here’s what we asked Sandy:

  1. For the first time ever, we have 4 generations in the workplace. What dynamics have you noticed?
  2. Some people “look” difficult when maybe that’s not the case. How can people show up as “approachable” instead?
  3. What about dealing with difficult people on the phone?
  4. What about those people with giant egos?
  5. Eric Schmidt said, “The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them.”
  6. Do some of us just have a way of attracting difficult people?
  7. What should people know about displaying (and reading) body language?
  8. What about dealing with people with “can’t do” attitudes?
  9. Many people “seem” to come across via email as difficult. What can we do here?
  10. What about “Bullies” in the workplace?
  11. Sometimes we have to deal with people who seem to always get defensive … how can we best deal with these folks?
  12. When is it time to go above the person you’re dealing with?
  13. Can any difficult relationship be salvaged?
  14. How much of “being difficult” is learned behavior, is this characteristic an extension from something within?
  15. Can you give us some tips on dealing with our own perception of labeling someone as “difficult”
    (could we just need to see their motivations from another angle?)
  16. Helpful tips on working on a longer-term project with someone we feel is difficult?
  17. Is it a good idea to think we can counsel or change these types of people? (What kind of success rate are we likely to have?)
  18. When do we (if at all ) make determination that someone is unable to work within the group, how do we facilitate that?
  19. You mention in a blog post (10 steps for winning every argument)…are we always trying to win? And since it’s labeled “argument,” is that the best approach?
  20. Some great turn-around stories from your past work?


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