“Why Do Business Internationally?” (Michael Bare)

“Why Do Business Internationally?”

Michael Bare, President of BARE International (a mystery shopping company), shares his story of expansion into 6 countries. Watch to discover what pitfalls to avoid and what rewards are available via global business expansion.

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Here’s what we asked Mike:

  1. Tell our viewers what mystery shopping is?
  2. Why mystery shopping?
  3. Can you tell us about the role/importance of consistency?
  4. How do you see most business owners react to the idea of: “Going global?”
  5. Why might someone consider expanding into other countries?
  6. Was it your original intention to go global with your company?
  7. Do you feel the need to “be there?” (i.e., have a presence in these other countries)
  8. You started out in restaurants/hotels – how did expanding into other industries come about?
  9. When might a business owner know it’s time to consider business outside the US?
  10. What can the US learn about: business and/or customer service from other countries?
  11. All countries don’t do business exactly as the US does … How does one prepare for the cultural differences?
  12. How important is it to know the language?
  13. When it comes to choosing which countries … where does one begin?
  14. How does “International” affect your brand image?
  15. Is it necessary to conduct cultural/diversity training internally?
  16. What are a few of the pitfalls of doing business internationally?
  17. What have you been most surprised by?
  18. What is the current state of CUSTOMER SERVICE in the US and abroad?
  19. How important is it that the “customer experience” is the same at every one of a company’s locations around the world?
  20. What is the most common challenge you see companies having around delivering great customer service?
  21. Do you believe our recent economy has caused a “correction?”
  22. What about linking employee compensation to customer satisfaction scores?
  23. Our younger generation has grown up with less day-to-day human interaction – how do you see this affecting customer service?
  24. You’re founding member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association…
  25. You also provide “hidden camera” services?…
  26. Based on your findings, what are business owners most surprised by … after being shopped?


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