“Answering the Ultimate Question: How Net Promoter Can Transform Your Business” (Richard Owen)

“Answering the Ultimate Question: How Net Promoter Can Transform Your Business”

Richard Owen, CEO of Satmetrix, is THE authority on measuring customer loyalty … and how to act on it. He’s also the author of Answering the Ultimate Question (co-authored by Laura L. Brooks, PhD).

Here’s what we asked Richard in this compelling interview:

  1. What is the Ultimate Question and “Net Promoter Score?”
  2. What is “broken” about the way most companies survey customers?
  3. Do you believe our recent economy has caused a “correction” on the basis of customer service?
  4. In the book you talk about “Customer Intimacy?”
  5. We’ve all heard that someone who has a bad experience tells 11 people…those 11 tell 5…
  6. What’s the impact of “word of mouth” and how can we be intentional about creating more of it?
  7. We’ve learned that customers who answer The Ultimate Question with a 9 or 10 are our “Promoters;” responsible for 80% of our repeat/referral business. What are your thoughts on rewarding these folks?
  8. What about linking employee compensation to customer satisfaction scores?
  9. Is there a correlation between customer satisfaction and employee morale?
  10. Talk to us about “Service Recovery”
  11. Who was one of the first (or most recognized) companies or individuals known for bringing this into discussion?
  12. Who are the super stars at recognizing and developing the ideas of your company today?
  13. Is your service applicable for small to medium size companies?  If not, can you give them some best practices for implementing a similar strategy for understanding their target market and how to reward the “promoters”?
  14. Your recent Worldwide study shows a whopping 75% of companies are NOT measuring effects of social media…what do you attribute that to?
  15. How much of your overall guest satisfaction is through social media, and how far along the path of complete understanding of SM impact is our society do you think?
  16. Plus 60% of businesses have no tracking in place for social media…when you reverse that trend with a larger companies, what effects have you seen?
  17. What are your Customer Service predictions for 2013?

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