“What You Don’t Know You Know: Our Hidden Motives in Life, Business and Everything Else” (Ken Eisold, Ph.D)

“What You Don’t Know You Know: Our Hidden Motives in Life, Business and Everything Else”

Ken Eisold, Ph.D, (author of What You Don’t Know You Know) joins us to discuss the unconscious mind, awareness and strategy.

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Here’s what we asked Dr. Eisold:

  1. When did we really start paying attention to the unconscious mind?
  2. How has our grasp of the unconscious evolved over time?
  3. You talk about something called “The New Unconscious?”
  4. Do we have more than the 5 senses we learned about as children?
  5. What about these BELIEFS & ASSUMPTIONS we don’t know we have?
  6. What do we THINK we’re motivated by … what are we ACTUALLY motivated by?
  7. How can we begin to leverage all of this in the workplace?
  8. How much of what we do is based upon logic vs. emotion?
  9. How can we bring cohesiveness between departments, at work?
  10. You say there’s often a mismatch between intentions & actions?
  11. For anyone who thinks this stuff is too “woo-woo,” is there a simple exercise one can do to shift their uncertainty?
  12. These “hidden motives”, are they unlearned as we grow from child to adult?  Are we trained to tune out or “dumb down” these clues?
  13. What clues do we look for in assessing ourselves in our business life in terms of our effectiveness to achieve our goals? and how far back do we look to better understand if our goals are really accurate?
  14. How can business owners avoid disappointment in their career during their later years and make sure that they are on track to “true happiness” earlier in the journey?
  15. What kind of “micro corrections” can we make on a smaller scale to match up our actions to our true motives?

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