“Business Speaking: How to Acquire New Clients, Grow Your Business and Rise within Your Organization” (Jeff Porro)

Business Speaking: How to Acquire New Clients, Grow Your Business and Rise within Your Organization

Jeff Porro, Speechwriter for billion-dollar organizations and government leaders, helps us understand how embracing speaking and honing your skills can help you advance in your career and/or accelerate your business growth.

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Here’s what we asked Jeff:

1)  First, tell us of your involvement with The Great Debaters (Denzel Washington / Forest Whitaker)
2)  Jerry Seinfeld jokes that we fear speaking more than death, which means the eulogizer would rather be in the box…
3)  Billy Joel’s ex-wife was interviewed on Oprah and said, “Nervousness is selfish energy.”
4)  You say that we’re in a time when the spoken word is more important than ever…
5)  Tell us about the power of storytelling, as it relates to business speaking
6)  How can speaking lead to acquiring new clients and growing biz?
7)  How have you seen speaking lead to job promotions?
8)  What can people do to relax before a speech?
9)  What common pitfalls must be avoided?
10)  Advice for those who detest the idea, if they hate it, can they still be effective and grow?
11)  Best practices for the untrained speaker?  Where does one start?
12)  How can you see a small service business breaking into public speaking?
13)  Tell us about the power of storytelling in public speaking…
14)  Should someone concern themselves with getting paid to speak?
15)  How can this translate over the Internet, if at all…(teleseminars, YouTube, etc.)
16)  Is there a revenue model for capturing your public talks and rebroadcasting?

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