“Creativity in Business: Bringing Your Whole Brain to Work” (Michelle James)

“Creativity in Business: Bringing Your Whole Brain to Work”

Michelle James of The Center for Creative Emergence, shares her expertise on the brain and its effects on human behavior … specifically as it pertains to creativity. We talk about stories, improv, somatics, natural resistance, risk-friendly work cultures, generational creaitvity, discovery sessions, and more in this 30-minute interview.

Here’s what we asked Michelle:

  1. First things first: left brain / right brain?
  2. My training philosophy is: “Your people will support what they help to create.” Can you speak to this?
  3. You use “Organizational Storytelling?”
  4. Improv-based training?
  5. Somatic-centered training?
  6. “The Power of Being Present?”
  7. When someone is feeling stuck, what’s one thing they can do to get unstuck?
  8. You’ve written about “The New Work Paradigm?”
  9. You were recently interviewed on: How Creativity is Revolutionizing the Book Business?
  10. How do industries change the typical linear, organized, “old school” thinking; What causes that switch?
  11. Do we have to grow out, or get rid of layers of management to get the younger generations that grew up in this mindset?
  12. How do we measure true buy-in from Upper management on this idea … Are they just doing it to seem hip and modern?
  13. How do we entrepreneurs start to challenge ourselves to break out of our own norms and get creative? We DO have to look at it from the linear side, make sure our creative side can make some money, right?
  14. So we’re all creative, and we have to approach the old school linear thinkers for money as investment, how do we get them to think along our lines?
  15. Where do we unlearn what we are given as a gift as kids? How are schools changing to create more right brain, or whole brain thinkers?



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