“Networking in the Age of Social Media” (Suzi Pomerantz)

“Networking in the Age of Social Media”

What are today’s rules in the space of ‘virtual’ networking? How can you leverage Social Media for relationship building and business growth? Suzi Discusses the Following Nine Mindsets of Networking (below) in the Age of Social Media (to learn even more, we recommend visiting: www.suzipomerantz.com)…


1. It’s a game. Have fun. Do what’s easy. :: 2. Be a connection-seeker :: 3. Partnering perspective :: 4. No agenda other than mutual exploration of what’s possible. :: 5. Curiosity and genuine interest in others :: 6. Six degrees of separation (2 degrees now) :: 7. Create a climate of comfort, environment of ease :: 8. Giver’s gain/ Be a go-giver :: 9. Action, continual follow up, be responsive.

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